Address to the French people, friends of Law and Peace

I kill one man to save 100, 000.

It is to you, the good people of France, that I must define the reasons for my actions. I am doing this, with the full knowledge that I will be soon in the quiet arms of Madame Guillotine, but this I must do. Jean-Paul Marat, by 5 o-clock noon tomorrow, shall be dead.

A man of no conscience and a desire not for peace, but only for power, Marat is the reason the innocent men of France are dead. He cares not for the people of France, but only his vision of the world. Deluded and afraid, this man has sent educated thinkers to the guillotine. Is France not dreaming of a nation of liberté, égalité, et fraternité? This rampage killing is not liberty, nor fraternity. Give it time, and the new world we have all been dreaming of will come, but let this new world not be built atop the rotting bodies of our friends! The murder of the people will not bring peace! The fear and ultimately, hatred, will split France in pieces as mercilessly as the blade of the guillotine until our county is completely destroyed. Until this man is silenced, you, my friend, will live in danger. A single sliver of a politically-wronged thought could send you, tortured and shamed, to your death.

My Girondin friends, if you are reading this, thank you for all you have taught me. I was once frightened for France; The Montagnards were terrorizing and executing not only those who opposed the Revolution, but those who did not believe the violence was necessary.  But you taught me to believe the Revolution was still possible without the deaths of thousands. If we took a more moderate, more intelligent approach, France could still become a Republic. Marat’s conviction of using the guillotine will bring us nowhere. I hope France is able to understand the beautiful words you speak, and that you will save our country.

I will avenge the deaths of many innocent men and save the lives of many more. My hand will face no hesitation, and my knife will cut smoothly into his heart. When he is dead, I will stand patiently by his body, waiting for my death.

Let there be peace. Tomorrow, as the murderer Marat draws his last breath, there will be peace in France.

Charlotte Corday

9 July 1793

3 thoughts on “Address to the French people, friends of Law and Peace

  1. I agree that what Robspierre and his “allies” are doing is unjust, but it you do not need to get involved with this dangerous mission. Me and my allies are planning to overthrow Robspierre. I have several allies who are already willing to risk their lives, we do not need another. I suggest you support us by joining the our French army division. Then you will not have to risk killing this man, instead you will join a larger group and help use destroy the true tyrant who has corrupted the man who you are about to kill. You of all people should understand that you shouldn’t throw away your life just to kill this one man. You may save only a few men by doing this, not a 100,000, if you help us overthrow Robspierre you will help us save a 1,000,000. That is a far larger number than the one you have suggested. If you join us, we will gladly ensure a better leader than Robspierre and than you may have saved even more than a 1,000,000. Whoever is giving you these crazy ideas to kill one of those who have been corrupted by the true corruptor, I suggest you stop listening to whoever is influencing you. If you refuse my offer than I am afraid that you have thrown away your life to save far fewer lives. Please at least consider this

    Lazare Carnot

  2. Though I thank you for your well-planned words from a clear head, I must further reason with you of why Marat must be dead.

    I am a woman, and this act I have chosen to do alone. I cannot join the army, nor can I be an official member of a political party. But I can use my own to hands to solve a problem that is terrorizing France. I can bring down the man who has broken my country. There are so few patriots who know how to die for their country. I shall. Everything is egoistical. What sorry people to found a Republic.

    Marat is a deluded and unwavering man. Have you not heard him speak? Spreading lies from town to town, using the innocent people of France for his own gain! He has destroyed the intelligent men of the Girondins! What they have taught me! What they have brought to France! Because of Marat, the people now shout “We are betrayed by the Girondins!”

    There is no need to act suspect, my friend, as there is no one influencing me. I shall stand alone and independent, my beliefs and conviction unwavering.

    May God save our France.
    -Charlotte Corday

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